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So, you could not resist pushing that button! . We hoped you would do that because we wanted your attention for:


Nobody wants to talk about it. Conservationists in the wealthy countries asked the developing countries to set aside 10% of their territories as protected areas. And guess what? Nobody thought they would, but they did! Most countries in the world have 10% or more of their territory protected under some form of protection. Not always perfect, but it is an unbelievably great start! However, protected areas need field staff, particularly park rangers.  

Conservation organizations  and Development institutions everywhere in the world have a policy to not contribute to staffing protected areas. They prefer to do popular activities, such as working with local communities and do great studies in the field. That makes them very popular and appreciated, but the institutions that really should be doing that, are the Protected Areas Agencies of the country themselves! But since they don't get the finances for their important tasks, the conservation organizations do that kind of work, thus harvesting the credit.

Everybody agrees that field staff and rangers are essential for managing national parks and other protected areas. Everybody agrees that much more field staff is needed, and also that it is not reasonable to expect the governments in developing countries to pay for it all by themselves. But when one asks, who should help bridge the gap in financing and staffing the protected areas, only very few organizations and institutions are willing to make at least some contribution. It is far more convenient to blame the governments of developing countries and spend the money on popular fun things that give your organization or institution a great popular benevolent image. But in the mean time, conservation is failing! The founders of Adopt A Ranger, have been raising this issue for more than a decade, but since no organization was willing to address this problem, so they decided to create Adopt A Ranger, specifically to address this problem. We appeal to you to join us in this gigantic challenge.  Click here to find out how the problem can be solved while having some personal benefits and fun as well!



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