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We would like to suggest some ideas for favorite country or area fundraising efforts:


Conservationists in developing and transition countries

Groups of conservationists or even Protected Areas Agencies PAA) in developing and recipient countries can take the initiative to raise funds through AAR. They can approach donors, raise funds at visitor centers in protected areas, etc. and in general market fundraising for their favorite area or country. By opening a favorite area or country account, other donors can join and destine their donations to that particular country or area.

Tour operators

Tour operators are very interesting for fundraising, as they take visitors to national parks and they can invite them to make a donation for their  favorite national park that their ecotourist just has visited. 

Service Clubs

Service Clubs like Rotary International, Lions Club and the Round Table have member charters both in developed and developing countries. When a charter of the North teams up with a charter in the South, they can have a great joint project in which they can not only contribute to the protection of a favorite national park but also help in supporting the protected areas agency of that country or a specific nature reserve. It is a fun initiative in which entire families of the members can participate in the fundraising, and ultimately, some charters may even like to organize a members trip to go and see the area that they are supporting, as well as those wonderful friends that they have teamed up with.  For Rotarians exists a facility, that when 2 chapters in different countries raise equal amounts of money, that the Rotary Foundations matches the funding, thus doubling the amount raised. Fundraising for AAR can become a lot of fun for Service Clubs and very educative for their members and families!


Zoos are the great attractors of people interested in animals and nature. Zoos can become very important contributors, particularly because people that love animals are extra motivated to help protect their favorite wild animals through national park rangers.


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