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Showing your interest in itself is very important. You can do so by registering at the forum for free. That way you will receive periodic updates. It will be very helpful if you leave messages in support of adopt a park ranger in the forum. So please don't leave our site without registering at the forum and leave a supportive message.  


Help spread the word

By helping spread the word, you can make a major contribution to Adopt A Ranger by sending your friends and acquaintances an email about the initiative. Click here to see how


Become a sponsor of a park ranger

By becoming a sponsor you will be making the most significant contribution to conservation in your life. You will help protect the last remaining homes of the world's wild animals, plants and nature, by paying for those people that actually protect them in the field: the park rangers. Anybody who makes a donation of $25 automatically becomes a contributing member. Membership is important, because the more members we have, the more weight we have in convincing authorities of the importance to manage and protect nature reserves worldwide with sufficient field staff and equipment.  Your sponsorship really makes a difference!

Click here to become a sponsor


Ranger support groups

Adopt A Ranger will encourage and help people and organizations to unite and organize support groups for national parks and other protected areas or for entire countries. We will set up on-line communication facilities in which people can lobby for support for their favorite nature reserve. We like to use your enthusiasm and try to help with any creative idea that can raise money to put more park rangers in the field.


Fundraising programme 

Fundraising costs time effort and even some investment. We encourage people to raise money and receive an incentive for their effort. Click here for the park rangers incentives programme.

Tell me more about park rangers and their benefits for conservation and society. No thanks, take me to the sponsors page






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